Marci Titus Hall is a health coach who specializes in helping people to make improvements in overall health, wellness, and fitness. Marci has a background in all aspects of training competitive athletes, as well as novice exercisers.

Marci earned her first certification in fitness while still in high school and since then has had a constant focus on the implication, study, and execution of health, fitness, and exercise. She has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. For over a decade Marci coached competitive and highly recreational cyclists using heart rate and power parameters; designing and implementing all aspects of training and recovery, as well as sports nutrition and hydration requirements. She then took time off for a family sabbatical and yearlong world tour observing health and fitness practices in other cultures. The family trip included time in Bar Harbor, Maine; Ashland, Oregon; Bali; Luxemburg; Grenoble, France; and 2 months touring Italy. It also included completing 1 obstacle course race, a month of Cross Fit, several months of intensive yoga and meditation, watching numerous spring classic road races all over Europe, and general running, hiking, exploring and cross training.

Now Marci is focusing on overall health and nutrition with an emphasis on functional strength training. She understands the stresses of parenting and the absolute necessity of being healthy for, and with, your family. Whether you are a professional athlete, a new mom, or a desk jockey, Marci can create a program that works for you. She can help with goal development as well as forming the path so that you can achieve your goals. Marci holds a BS in Exercise and Sports Science from Oregon State University, did her graduate studies in Kinesiology at University of Wisconsin – Madison, and is an Ace Certified Health Coach and a Certified Functional Strength Coach. 

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